And the language is …

… NORWEGIAN!!!! This was NOT an easy decision to make! I was completely torn between all of the ones from Part Two, especially Turkish. However, I think I made the right decision and am very excited about learning the language. You can listen to me talk about this in my interview with Patrick Cox from […]

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Part Two: Albanian Recap

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to speak Albanian with anyone this time around, but that didn’t deter me from learning more about it in Part Two. I got a lot of help from Albanian World, which is an excellent guide to those learning about the language for the first time. My feelings about Albanian are sort […]

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Part Two: Swedish Recap

Not really a whole lot to say about Swedish this time around. While I did enjoy speaking it (especially with a couple of friends), I wasn’t left with the same impression I had with Norwegian, the other Scandinavian language I picked for part two. If anything, it just reminded me of a stronger version of […]

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Part Two: Turkish Recap

Wow, what a doozy Turkish was! I had a lot of mistakes with it the second time around, but it was such a blast learning more about it! I want to give a HUGE thank you to my friends Ertuğ, Gökçe and Umut for practicing Turkish with me and giving me lots of helpful feedback! […]

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