37 Languages to be featured on The World!

The Finnish post is in progress, but I wanted to share some exciting news.

theworldPublic Radio International’s The World will be featuring my blog on one of their weekly podcasts, The World in Words. The show is put together by Patrick Cox, who shares the many highlights of language on a global scale. The World in Words covers the role language plays in culture, politics and social issues and aggregates linguistic trends from a variety of sources, whether it be from language scholars or subjects in pop culture. You might even learn swear words in another tongue.

If you like this blog or if you’re something new to explore, then I highly, highly suggest you check it out. To listen to it, visit their podcast site and subscribe to the RSS feed or listen to it using iTunes.

2 thoughts on “37 Languages to be featured on The World!

  1. I was surprised to hear someone just like me on the radio. I have boxes of language books that I’ve read. Some 20 or so languages.

    I’m an artist/scientist to the core, but was placed in “special ed” from 5th grade through high school (for BD behavioral disability aka ADD). In high school I took the MLAT (Modern Language Aptitude Test) and to my surprise tested higher than anyone since the school’s opening in 1901. I was written a letter and promptly placed into German 101. I’ve been hooked on languages since… mostly Asian ones.

    Now Japanese is my 2nd language of 16 years, Cantonese, Malay and German are all still comfy for me too. Currently I’m a Chef, thankfully a profession which uses multiple languages daily. I get a huge thrill out of using languages which operate differently than English. Writing systems are interesting to pick up 1st so you can sample what the language is made of.

    Cool to hear yet again something great on NPR!
    Chef/Amateur Linguist, Craig Alexander

  2. Craig: I really admire what you’re doing/what you’ve done! We must be kindred spirits — it’s really cool to find other people just like me too! I’m glad you were able to find out about the blog from the radio. I definitely hear your sentiments on Japanese. A lot of the Asian languages aren’t as hard as people think. But I am a little jealous of your profession — I would kill to hear multiple languages all the time!

    Thanks for listening, reading and all kudos to PRI/NPR! I’d love to hear more of your observations about linguistics!


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