A few BIG changes are coming – check it out!

Hey everyone!

The Serbian post is in the works, but I wanted to take the opportunity and announce several changes coming soon.

We’re halfway through Part One, the bulk of the project, so I thought I’d make it more fun. I’m going to do two things:

VIDEO RECAPS: I’ll be making video posts, recapping the languages reviewed (yay)! They’ll be 5-10 minute long summaries of what I’ve browsed, including highlights, headscratchers and really anything that stood out. I’ll try to make them fun (and depending on how well I am at editing, they’ll be pretty frequent)! Way better than reading walls of text, no?

‘DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL’: A lot of you have been wondering why I didn’t select several languages in the project. Well, this next change is for you. I’m going to do solitary posts in a series called, “Don’t Take it Personal.” They’ll be letters from me addressed to specific languages (e.g., “Dear German”), detailing why I didn’t want to sample or study them. They’ll be informative but playful takes on the usual posts. Think of “Dear John” letters (or a nasty e-mail you sent when you broke up with your lover … actually, don’t think about that). These will appear in-between the regular posts.

As always, I thank you all SO MUCH for keeping up with my little project and for reading! I honestly cannot thank you enough for the comments, support, tidbits and your own insights on all the languages I’ve reviewed. This has truly been a thrill to share this with you and I hope you’ll enjoy it even more with these changes!


4 thoughts on “A few BIG changes are coming – check it out!

  1. A few comments:

    1) You should have added Esperanto. 😉
    2) You should add links to your post about each language in the sidebar under the language.
    3) Add a sidebar with the full list of languages, with links to the tags you added for each language.

    I’m looking forward to your continued journey through the amazing wonderful world of languages!

    1. You’ve turned me on to Finnish rock. You’ve also made me think about language pedagogy involving music and text; the Happoradio video you posted was an inspiration. So, I created something like that for Esperanto:


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