Some important changes for the blog — check it out!

Hi guys! The Lao wrap-up is coming shortly, but I just wanted to give you a few updates about the blog before we reach Part Two of the project.

First, I will not be selecting ten languages as I originally stated. I’ve decided to limit it only to six. I meditated about this a lot but there are some languages that I feel very strongly about and quite a few that I don’t, which is the driving force behind this decision. Of course, when the selection comes, I’ll explain why some were and weren’t chosen. The selection will come shortly after the second Catalan post (the last language in the blog). As you might have guessed, Part Two will go much more quickly than Part One.

In Part Two, I will restrict the immersion to only a week and nothing more. To prevent this from being a repeat of Part One and to truly envelop myself in the language, here’s what I had in mind:

  • Reciting and typing the language daily
  • Having conversations with native speakers
  • Watching little to no television programs in English
  • Listening to the language 24/7 (via radio/television programs)
  • Adapting computer keyboards and Web applications
  • Not using the evaluation scale from Part Two (see this post)

Finally, I will try to do a video summary at the end of the week for each language. (I tried doing videos in Part One, but I had issues with my camera and computer connectivity.)

Stay tuned to the Catalan posts and to see what I select for Part Two! As always, thank you for reading and keeping up with 37 Languages!


samma som fotbolls-vm… kommer ju va minst lika kul även om sverige inte är med…

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