Part Two: Portuguese Recap

New video, coming to you completely raw and unedited! Please excuse my messy apartment. 🙂

Overall, Portuguese is not easy to pronounce, but it’s fun to try! The biggest issues I had were with pronouncing particular consonants (d, t, s) and diphthongs. What also played a role were differences in Brazilian and European Portuguese pronunciation and vocabulary. But overall, I think Portuguese was a fun little challenge and may be my favorite language to speak. At least so far. All of this is explained in the video recap below.

37 Languages – Portuguese Recap from Keith Brooks on Vimeo.

Stay tuned, as I’m reviewing language number three in part two, Norwegian!

3 thoughts on “Part Two: Portuguese Recap

  1. I love that you picked portuguese, its always been my number 6. I have chosen French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Chinese and I want to be almost fluent in 3 and just get by in 2. Portuguese and Manipuri 6 and 7. I was surprised you picked Norweigen I lived in Norway and I hated the sound of the language. Good Luck and enjoy !!!!!

    1. Hi Mithridates,

      Sorry for the late reply. I think what confused me was when I actually tried to say the words themselves and didn’t recognize the difference. I got my info from this site, but that link is very helpful; I think I’ll add it to the existing list for Portuguese on my language blog.

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