Part Two: Albanian Recap

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to speak Albanian with anyone this time around, but that didn’t deter me from learning more about it in Part Two. I got a lot of help from Albanian World, which is an excellent guide to those learning about the language for the first time.

My feelings about Albanian are sort of the same. It’s a language isolate and it sounds way different than any of the languages I’ve listened to in the blog. It’s vocabulary is pretty distinct, but there are a few notable exceptions. For example, the word yellow in Albanian is verdhë, while in Spanish, a similar word, verde, means green. I noticed some similarities with other words and it makes me wonder more about Albanian’s composition and if it’s a sort of hodgepodge of other languages.

Overall, the hardest part was pronouncing it, which was simultaneously the most fun. The letter “q”, which sounds like a “tch” sound and ë, which is like the schwa sound, tripped me up the most. I also noticed that ë tends to be omitted (especially at the end of words) and several other sounds too. Not sure if I missed a general rule about that.

Grammar wasn’t to bad though — one big thing is that adjectives come after nouns, with a particle placed between them (i, e or ). I cover this and more (awkwardly) in my recap. The language itself is pretty much SVO, and the order seems to be the same when asking questions.

37 Languages – Albanian Recap from Keith Brooks on Vimeo.

And with this, Part Two of the blog is complete. I will select the final language from the project, Part Three, THIS FRIDAY, May 7! Please continue to follow the blog for a look back at all the languages and the project itself and also on Friday, when the final language is revealed!

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