Part Two: Norwegian Recap

Heeeeeeeeere’s Norwegian! I had a lot of fun with Norwegian this time around. I think I even had actual thoughts in the language at some points! I reveal my English ones in the video below. 37 Languages – Norwegian Recap from Keith Brooks on Vimeo. To be honest, there weren’t really many difficulties with looking […]

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Part Two: Portuguese Recap

New video, coming to you completely raw and unedited! Please excuse my messy apartment. 🙂 Overall, Portuguese is not easy to pronounce, but it’s fun to try! The biggest issues I had were with pronouncing particular consonants (d, t, s) and diphthongs. What also played a role were differences in Brazilian and European Portuguese pronunciation […]

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Part Two: Croatian Recap

As promised, here is a video recap of the first language from part two, Croatian! Apologies for the delay, as I meant to post this yesterday. 37 Languages – Croatian Recap from Keith Brooks on Vimeo. Basically, I discussed the hard and easy things, with hard being noun declensions and the aspect for verbs and […]

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Catalan: El final?

Wow … what a week! Moving prevented me from getting this post earlier, but I’m ready to jump right into the last language of the blog and wrap up Part One. The language we’re ending with is Catalan! It’s spoken by over nine million, primarily in Andorra (where it is an official language), the Catalonia […]

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Lao: ຂອບໃຈ

So … I wasn’t into Lao at all. It didn’t take me very long for me to come to this conclusion, so I won’t take very long in explaining why it didn’t work out. SUMMARY: Lao is a tonal language in the Kradai family, spoken by over 15 million in Laos, Thailand and other parts […]

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