Part Two: Albanian Recap

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to speak Albanian with anyone this time around, but that didn’t deter me from learning more about it in Part Two. I got a lot of help from Albanian World, which is an excellent guide to those learning about the language for the first time. My feelings about Albanian are sort […]

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Albanian: Pacim!

So, real life had prevented me from making the concluding post about Albanian. In spite of the nearly week-long gap, I found Albanian to be quite a treat. I also found out about Albanian rap. Who knew? SUMMARY: After being ruled by Greeks and and Romans, the home of the Illyrians under went a demographic […]

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Albanian: Unë nuk kam ide.

We take a short ride from the land of Czechs to Albania, home of the next language on my list. Albania, the land of … hmm. What exactly is Albania known for? Before I began this post, the only thing I really knew about Albania was its unique red flag with the two-headed eagle. And […]

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