Chinese: 拜拜!

So, this is super late and I’m sorry. As I’ll explain in the video and from the last post, the Eurovision Song Contest took most of my time this weekend. Congratulations to Alexander Rybak and Norway for winning! As you’ll probably definitely see in the video, Chinese tripped me up a few times. I feel […]

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Eurovision-mania, what?

My overview of Chinese is a’ comin’, but I had to make a short post about something that is currently capturing my attention 24/7. Eurovision! Or more formally, the 54th annual Eurovision Song Contest! What is it? For those outside of Europe, imagine a singing competition (think American Idol) that began decades ago. Throw in […]

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Spanish: No tengo idea.

I originally wanted to skip Spanish altogether. It wasn’t because I disliked the language, but it was mostly because my familiarity with it almost made reviewing it in the project somewhat useless. If Spanish and I were lovers, we would essentially be in the midst of an intense break-up after a passionate, sizzling affair. I […]

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Romanian: Servus!

Well, I’m afraid the time has come. It’s time to bid Romanian adieu or as the natives say, Ceau! And that’s “chow,” not “sew” or “cou.” And to be honest, I’m kind of glad. Before I go on, I’d like to give a HUGE shoutout to Dana McMahan, who encouraged me to do this. And […]

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Romanian: Nici o problema.

There’s something about Romania that reminds me of the wind. It’s amazing how you can never visit a place and yet it somehow exports such a feeling. I think of a casual brisk walk through deciduous forests near dilapidated brick buildings. Romania has not always had a carefree history nature. After a constant series of […]

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