Part Two: Norwegian Recap

Heeeeeeeeere’s Norwegian! I had a lot of fun with Norwegian this time around. I think I even had actual thoughts in the language at some points! I reveal my English ones in the video below. 37 Languages – Norwegian Recap from Keith Brooks on Vimeo. To be honest, there weren’t really many difficulties with looking […]

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Swedish: Hejdå.

Before I even start this post, I just want to say wow! Swedish was a blast. And, according to the views from the last post, a lot of people agreed with me. I’m almost pained to leave, but not before I leave you with my deductions, which may surprise you. SUMMARY: Swedish is spoken by […]

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Norwegian: Hade!

I wish I had started browsing Norwegian when this project began so my conclusions wouldn’t be so predictably biased. But maybe reviewing it just reaffirmed what I already thought. I listened to NRK (think NBC or ABC for Norway) for several hours. I was tuned to Rogaland 24, the all-day local station for Norway’s Rogaland […]

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Norwegian: Tusen Takk!

Before this project even began, I was deadset on learning Norwegian. I had never studied any Germanic language before (and I’m surprised I haven’t received any flack for why I haven’t included German). I was all ready to learn, especially after reading this blog that spelled out how easy it is for Americans to learn […]

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